ClearCyte Overview


ClearCyte™ is Image cytometer, which measures DNA amount (ploidy) and nuclear morphology. It helps in the early detection of cancer and pre-cancerous dysplasia by minimizing the subjectivity in analysis and assists pathologists and oncologists by adding more certainty to their treatment decisions. Thus, greatly reduces the volume of invasive and expensive biopsies needed, to those that are truly high risk patients. This also helps improves clinical outcomes, patient quality of life and brings significant cost savings.

DNA ploidy analysis by Image Cytometry can be used:

  1. For the early cancer detection,
  2. To determine the biological aggressiveness of cancer, and
  3. For the regular surveillance (recurrence) of cancer.


ClearCyte™ is a high throughput DNA image cytometer that combines walk away automation for scanning microscope slides and intelligent sorting of cell images with flexible interactive review and report generation. A ClearCyte™ system has a throughput capacity of more than 25,000 slides per year and it can analyze cytological liquid based samples from different tissues including oral cavity, bladder, bronchi, pleural fluid, cervix, and others.

ClearCyte™ system is an approved medical device which ensures its adherence to strict medical device standards (Health Canada and CE mark). The device is coupled with Perceptronix Medical Inc.’ DNA staining kit Clear2C™ (a class II in-vitro diagnostic medical device) that offers convenient, reliable and reproducible staining protocol.

ClearCyte™’s semi-automated platform, which measures DNA amount and nuclear morphology, automatically sorts out cells, based on measurements of several (114) nuclear features including DNA content, and facilitates quick and accurate search for abnormal cells.  ClearCyte™ is designed to complement the skills of a cytotechnician and/or pathologist by assisting them in generating more accurate, specific and reproducible results. The ClearCyte™ DNA assessment minimizes the subjectivity in analysis and assists pathologists and oncologists by adding more certainty to their treatment decisions.

Key Features:

  • Precision measurements with a precision DNA staining protocol
  • Intelligent sorting capabilities – excellent automated discrimination of isolated, measurable cell nuclei
  • Walk-away automation (with ability to load 50 slides and scan 200 in a day continuously)
  • High throughput (up to 2000 objects per minute)
  • Interactive and flexible data review and reporting