General Information

What is Early Cancer Detection (ECD)?

Early Cancer Detection test is designed to check for early stage cancers in high risk individuals.

The technology for early cancer detection was produced by research at the British Columbia Cancer Agency. It has been established through a multicentre validation trial which demonstrated that fully automated DNA analysis using the ClearCyte™ Platform detects early cancer.

What is Clearcyte™ Technology?

The ClearCyte™ system is an automated image cytometer that enables analysis of DNA content in slide-based cytology specimens. The system is very user friendly, easy to maintain and offers a high throughput capacity due to a fully automated scanning process. ClearCyte™ is an in-vitro diagnostic medical device with Health Canada and European CE Mark approvals. It has been designed under ISO and FDA development requirements.

What is the benefit of taking an ECD test?

You will have peace of mind especially if your family has a history of cancer.

When cancer is discovered early you can be given appropriate treatment and a high percentage of malignancies can undergo remission. Early diagnosis improves outcomes and ultimately saves money and lives.

Do I need an appointment to take an ECD tests?

Appointments are not usually necessary for walk-in clients at affiliated hospitals, accredited clinics and diagnostic centers. It is recommended that you contact us for the test preparation guidelines and bring a completed test requisition form from your physician if the test will be covered by an HMO. You can contact us by phone a day before or thru email at pharmacanada@gmail.com.

Do I need to fast before my specimen is collected?

Your doctor will inform you about the test preparation guidelines


What is OralAdvance™?

It is a quantitative cytology test designed to help in early detection of oral cancer (cancer of the mouth) by detecting gross nuclear DNA abnormalities in oral epithelial cells. From samples obtained with the use of a soft brush your dentist will receive test results that will help them in planning next step for clinical investigation.

How does OralAdvance™ work?

3 easy steps:

  • Use the soft cyto-brush kit to quickly collect oral mucosa from the suspicious area.
  • Send the sample to the PharmaCanada laboratory through its authorized medical representatives.
  • The results will be sent to you in 2-3 working days
What type of self-tests can be done at home?

Doctors and Dentists recommend that you look at the mirror every month to check for any of the following symptoms:

  • a sore in the mouth that does not heal
  • pain in the mouth that doesn’t go away
  • a lump or mass in the neck
  • a persistent white or red patch on the gums, tongue, tonsil or lining of the mouth
  • a persistent lump or thickening in the neck
What should non-smokers and non-alcohol consumers know in aid of avoiding Oral Cancer?
  • Ultra Violet ray: 30 % of patient with cancer of the lip has outdoor job associated with prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Poor nutrition can also lead to Oral Cancer.
Who will benefit from OralAdvance?

These   might include patients who have multiple lesions throughout the oral cavity and no history of oral cancer (as an alternative to multiple scalpel biopsies); noncompliant patients who are unlikely to return for follow-up care or comply with an immediate referral for further evaluation by a dental or medical care provider who has advanced training and experience in diagnosis of oral mucosal disease.


What is BladderTrace™ test?

It is a quantitative cytology test designed to help in early detection of Bladder Cancer by identifying gross nuclear DNA abnormalities from urine samples

Return to Top What are the needed preparations before taking the BladderTrace™ test?

If your doctor or nurse recommend bladder testing usually no special preparations are needed but you may be asked to come with a full bladder or an empty one. Also ask whether you should change your diet or skip your regular medicines and for how long.


What is LungSign™ test?

It is a quantitative cytology test designed to help in early detection of Lung Cancer by detecting gross nuclear DNA abnormalities from samples obtained with the use a simple, hand-held device which, when blown into, vibrates the chest to stimulate the production of sputum. The vibration painlessly shakes sputum from the lung’s lining, and helps you cough deeply, to produce the sample necessary for analysis. Producing a sputum sample using the Pharmacanada kit causes very little physical discomfort.

Do non-smokers get lung cancer?

Yes, non-smokers can get lung cancer. Factors other than smoking that increases a person’s risk of getting the disease include exposure to asbestos, air pollution and family history of lung cancer.

Will early detection of lung cancer improve the chance of being cured?

The early detection of lung cancer offers a better chance of cure. Unfortunately the symptoms of lung cancer which includes a cough that won’t go away, chest pain and coughing up blood often do not appear until the cancer has grown or spread.

What are the test preparation guidelines for LungSign™?

There is no preparation needed for the LungSign™ test, just cough out sputum from the lungs into the cup at physician’s clinic or laboratory. That’s how easy it is.

If I just had surgery, I can still take the Lung Cancer test?

Depend on the surgery you have taken but if you have Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery within the last 6 months you should not take the lung cancer test. Please consult your healthcare provider.

Who are qualified to take the LungSign™ Test?
  • Over 50 years old
  • Significant exposure to cigarette smoke (One pack a day for 20 years) and industrial carcinogens
  • Experiences symptoms such as persistent cough or shortness of breath or other indications like suspicious radiography


What is CerviXam™ Test?

CervXam™ is a tool used in early cancer detection for cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is an illness that affects women.

How is CerviXam™ done?

With the use of the soft cyto-brush, your OB-Gyne or doctor will gently take cells from the cervix. The head of the cyto-brush can easily be snapped –off then placed into a small container of preservatives. The specimen will be sent to the centralised laboratory.

Who should take the CerviXam™ test?

Woman who are 18 years old or who are sexually active and has been sexually active should take the test annually.

How should I prepare for the CerviXam™ test?
  • Do not take the tests if you’re having your menstrual period.
  • Do not have sexual intercourse for 2 days before the test.
  • Do not use tampons or birth control foams, jellies or other vaginal creams and vaginal medicine 2 days before the test.
Do I need the Cervical Cancer Test if I’ve had a Supracervical hysterectomy?

Yes, because your cervix is still intact you can still develop cervical cancer. Supracervical hysterectomy is a surgical technique that removes the uterus while leaving the cervix intact and are still eligible for regular testing until you reach the age of 70.

Test Results

How precise are the tests?

If the DNA abnormality by Clearcyte ™ analysis is detected the chance of cancerous or pre-cancerous condition is very high and immediate follow-up of the lesion is needed. However, if the DNA abnormality is not present, the regular follow-up of the lesion is still recommended.

How long does it take to receive test results?

You can receive your test results within 10 working days.

Can I receive a copy of my test results?

Yes, test results are primarily sent to clients and their physician if specified.

Can you help me interpret my results?

Please address questions related to interpretation of your test results to your physician. Your physician will interpret your test results in conjunction with information from your medical history, recent physical examination and provide you with the appropriate medical advice.