PharmaCanada Inc.

PharmaCanada Inc.™ (PCI) is a duly registered Filipino corporation established in 2001 importing innovative medical technologies to improve ability to fight cancer through early cancer detection.

PharmaCanada is a subsidiary of a Vancouver based company, Canadian Pacific Global Pharmaceuticals Inc (CPGP™). CPGP™ in partnership with Perceptronix Medical Inc™ (PMI), has brought Clearcyte™ system, a DNA Image Cytometer to Philippines. It provides partnership opportunities and backend support in the Philippines for quantitative cytology imaging machine (Clearcyte™), software and staining kit (Clear2C) for use in hospitals, commercial laboratories, and universities.

PMI’s intellectual property which forms the bases of automated ClearCyte™ platform was engendered through research at the British Columbia Cancer Agency in Vancouver, BC. The quantitative cytology system measures nuclear genetic material (DNA) in a liquid-based specimen by capturing, measuring & sorting through thousands of imaged cell nuclei to DNA ploidy & other nuclear features necessary for the detection of cancerous & pre-cancerous conditions.

ClearCyte™ system has Health Canada, CE mark, ISO, and China SFDA certifications. CleacrCyte technology has exemption from BFAD in Philippines.

PCI is a member of Philippine’s Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Philippines Canada Trade Council as well as has good working relationship with Canadian Embassy in Manila.