Partner: Canadian Pacific Global Pharmaceuticals

Canadian Pacific Global Pharmaceuticals Inc™ (CPGP) is a Vancouver based company established in 2000. Company is the exporter of innovative medical technologies, pharmaceuticals and natural health products to SE-Asian markets.

CPGP exports products that are approved, and follow Canadian regulations. It is committed to high ethical, medical and scientific standards that are determined by law and regulations, promoted by industry associations. Our marketing and promotion is based on valid scientific evidence and research, and is consistent with national prescribing information documentation. Company embraces corporate responsibility including ethical marketing practices which forms an integral part of our business.      

CPGP team

Chairman and CEO : Bob Rai

Chief Financial Officer: Jas Hayre

VP for Investor Relations: Jason Sundar

Consultant, Strategy and Future Portfolio: Dr. Harpreet Rai

VP for Business Development:  Eric Hoesgen

VP of Corporate Development: Dennis Hoesgen

Chief Technology Officer: Damian Lee

Management Consultants

Legal Counsel: Brian Rudy, Synergy Business Lawyers

Accountant: Kinder Sidhu, Kinder Sidhu and Associates