Mission, Vision and Our Commitment

Early Cancer Detection... Saves Lives...


“PharmaCanada will be the preferred provider of health care services, medical equipment and supplies, particularly for the early detection of cancer in the Philippines.”


“PharmaCanada provides leading technologies, products and services that will make early cancer detection available and affordable to doctors, dentists, health care professionals, their patients, and the community at large.”

“We aim to contribute to the overall improvement of the country’s health and to add value to the individual’s quality of life through effective health promotion, advocacy and education on early cancer detection.”

Our Commitment to Stakeholders


We will be a partner to the physicians, dentists and health care providers in delivering effective and affordable services to the general public.


We will provide reliable, accurate and affordable healthcare services, medical equipment and supplies for the early detection of cancer.


We will establish our services in key cities and municipalities to support doctors, dentists and other health care providers in the fight against cancer.


We are committed to bring leading and cutting-edge diagnostic medical technology, equipment and services that are internationally accredited. We are also committed to providing laboratory and management information systems needed for fast delivery of results to the customers.

Concern for survival, growth and profitability

We have a responsibility to attain sustainability, build shareholder value and gain a fair return on the investment to our shareholders.


Our partnerships with health care professionals are intended to benefit patients by saving lives through early cancer detection. Our practices conform to high ethical, medical and scientific standards that are determined by law and regulations, and also promoted by industry associations.

Self concept

We adhere to the highest standards of business practices, in a manner that is responsible to all stakeholders, including our investors and society at large. That responsibility, along with a commitment to integrity, runs throughout the entire organization.

Concern for public image

Our Company embraces corporate social responsibility as an essential part of our business. We will be at the forefront of advocacy and education programs on early cancer detection.

Concern for employees and service-delivery partners

We have a responsibility to provide an environment conducive to the professional growth of our employees and service-delivery partners; and to foster a sound value system, that we may all share a coherent sense of purpose and direction.

Concern for National development

We believe that a healthy population is a requisite for productivity and national development. Discovering cancer early means better prognoses and more successful treatment outcomes.