Message from the Chairman

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in early cancer detection. Visiting the PharmaCanada™ website gives you access to simple, but important information about our innovative technology.

Through PMI Lab’s proprietary ClearCyte™ quantitative cytology technology, PharmaCanada aims to aid in the early diagnosis of cancer, specifically oral cancer, among Filipinos. PharmaCanada opened the first cytology laboratory in the country where the ClearCyte™ machine is installed at Saint Dominic hospital in Bacoor, Cavite.

Keeping in mind that ninety percent of cancer is curable if caught early, it is our hope that the greatest number of people possible have access to the ClearCyte™ based early cancer detection tests.

To meet our objective of mass dissemination of this technology, PharmaCanada™ has formed strong, lasting partnerships with research and educational institutions, hospitals, diagnostic centres, health maintenance organizations, and governmental and non-governmental organizations to conduct specimen collections, thus making early cancer detection a part of the Philippine health care regiment.

This approach of building strong relationships creates a supportive environment for our clients, enabling them to utilize high quality and affordable modern technology in their fight against cancer.


Founding Chairman