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At PharmaCanada™ Inc., we are dedicated to providing innovative and affordable medical technologies that provide optimum care to people of Philippines. In Partnership with accredited HMOs, medical laboratories, clinics, individual doctors and dentists, PharmaCanada™ provides early cancer detection test.

PharmaCanada’s centralised laboratory is located at an established hospital in Philippines. Patient specimens are collected and retrieved by authorized personnel from all of the accredited facilities, and brought to the central laboratory for testing and analysis using the Clearcyte™ system. After the test is analyzed and results are released, your healthcare provider will follow up with you for further steps.

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Early detection of cancer greatly increases the chances of effective treatment. Find out about partners and Affiliates, where you can find the test.

For Doctors:

Cancer is a disease of DNA. Quantitative assessment of relative (to normal) DNA content of cells, or DNA ploidy, has been long accepted as a practical way of measuring DNA abnormalities.

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You can now purchase the test online! Just download our patient form, fill it out, and send it to one of our partners. (Doctor's note required)

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